Become a certified Productsup expert

Learn why you should get certified and how it works.

Why get Productsup certified?

Three certification levels

There are three Productsup certification programs that validate and certify your knowledge of the Productsup platform as well as your ability to apply that knowledge to real-life use cases.

Yellow belt

The Yellow belt demonstrates that you have the skills needed to independently handle simple data feed scenarios within the Productsup platform, from import to export, including merging, cleansing, optimization, and even monitoring.

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Blue Belt

The Blue belt certifies that you have a deep understanding of the Productsup environment and that you are proficient enough to tackle advanced use cases such as advanced data editing, A/B testing, dynamic media, lists, error handling, and more.

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Black Belt

The Black belt certifies that you are a true expert of the Productsup platform. These users know every feature of the platform inside and out, making them capable of not only creating great feeds but also of onboarding and supporting new users.

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How do I get certified?

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