Black Belt Training

Black Belt Training

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Now that you’ve mastered the Yellow and Blue Belt, do you want to expand your skills in mastering the Productsup platform?

This third and final learning plan will supply you with knowledge about Data Services, using APIs, tracking, and reporting within Productsup. Additionally, you’ll learn about tracking marketplace orders and using the Content Portal to present your products in customized views.

Duration: 2,5 hours for the courses + 1 hour for the certification

The Blue Belt Training covers the following courses and content:

Black Belt 1

  • Data Services

Black Belt 2

  • Advanced import settings
  • Advanced export settings
  • Sending and receiving data using APIs

Black Belt 3

  • Tracking and Reporting
  • ROI Strategy
  • A/B Testing

Black Belt 4

  • Order Sync
  • Content Portal

Black Belt Certificate