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  • Blue Belt #1: Advanced use of box rules

    This Blue Belt course will help you get acquainted with the more advanced features and usages of the Productsup platform,...

  • Blue Belt #2: Uncover errors and hidden optimization potential

    Use the Error Log to get exact details about any errors that have occurred while running your data. Then, consult...

  • Blue Belt #3: Dynamically generate ad images with the Image Designer

    Generate customized images for every product in your catalog. Learn how to create templates that are compelling and on-brand, making...

  • Blue Belt #4: Simplify your work with copy and duplicate functions

    Save time by copying existing sites and settings. Learn how to simplify the task of making new sites or applying...

  • Blue Belt Training

    Are you eager to learn more about the Productsup platform since completing the Yellow Belt?  Well, don’t hesitate. Equip yourself...

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