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  • Black Belt #1: Manipulate data using Data Services

    Data Services includes a variety of functionalities that can help you further modify and enrich your feeds These advanced tools...

  • Black Belt #2: Import and export at an advanced level

    Start optimizing your import and export settings for greater control. Start categorizing feeds and data so you can maintain a...

  • Black Belt #3: Leverage performance data in Productsup

    Handle product feeds with a performance marketer’s touch. This course will introduce you to numerous options to help increase performance...

  • Black Belt #4: Order Sync and Content Portal

    Learn how to use the Content Portal to share and showcase product data to external parties. Create customized views tailored...

  • Black Belt Training

    Now that you’ve mastered the Yellow and Blue Belt, do you want to expand your skills in mastering the Productsup...

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