Introducing Productsup Academy - a new place to learn product data feed management

Feed management can be a powerful driver of success for any ecommerce business. However, it can also bring a lot of hurdles - from the numerous file formats and feed sources to the complexities of data manipulation and channel integration.

That’s why we created Productsup Academy. This is our new learning center designed to empower marketers with foundational knowledge of the world of product data feeds and help anyone master the Productsup platform and all of its powerful features.

Productsup Academy offers both self-service training and certification programs for Productsup users and partners, as well as free courses for everyone interested in product data systems, ecommerce channels, or product feed management.

In this article, we’ll show you how it works and what to expect.

How to get started

To get started, you will find all available free courses to select from on the course overview page. There, you can use filters to display courses depending on different topics and different belt levels: 

  • Yellow - beginner level
  • Blue - intermediate level
  • Black - most advanced level

Apart from Productsup-related courses, there is also one industry-related course titled “Feed Management Basics”, which is available now. You can expect more courses to be added in the coming months, such as product data management for specific ecommerce sales and marketing channels.

    Productsup Academy course overview

    To start a course, click on the “Add to cart” button on a course page. No worries - the courses and certifications are free.

    After a short checkout process, the link to your course will appear on the page, bringing you directly to your course content - you’re all set to start learning.

    Your course environment

    Productsup Academy course Feed Management Basics

    Every course is broken into several short chapters which guide you through the subject matter and help you learn all the aspects you need to succeed with the features.

    At the beginning of every course, an introduction describes what to expect of the course and its goals, whilst you can take a quiz at the end of each course to test your acquired knowledge.

    After that, we will kindly ask you to answer our short satisfaction survey. Your feedback will be very much appreciated, as it helps us improve. You can also always reach out to directly.

    Your dashboard

    Productsup Academy LMS dashboard

    The dashboard is the first page you see when logging in to the Academy learning portal. You can also access the dashboard from within the learning portal by clicking on the Productsup Academy logo in the top at any time.

    The dashboard shows all the courses you have started as well as your progress.

    Under "Course Catalog" in the sidebar of your dashboard, you can see all the courses we have available and enroll in any other course of your choice.

    Under “Progress,” you can find several charts and figures to track your own progress and activity.

    Become a certified Productsup user

    After you have completed the courses of a belt level, or whenever you feel confident enough, you have the possibility to take the Yellow, Blue, or Black Belt certification exam. Each exam contains a range of questions and tasks related to proper usage of the Productsup platform at the target belt level.

    Getting Productsup-certified is an ideal way to validate and prove your skills within your company, on your CV, and to your clients. You will manage your feed management activities and projects using less time and fewer resources and make a real difference to your career.

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